Women SS '16 Collection "GEODE"

For centuries, crystals, from the common to the extremely exotic have fascinated mankind. Every piece of matter, whether it’s a hunk of a tree bark or a plastic block, has its own special vibrational energy. This energy is most unique in crystals. Imagine: layered fields of energetic vibrations like never-ending waves, orbiting and pulsating, creating continuously transforming intangible shapes and textures-simultaneously temporary yet everlasting. My inspiration for the physical structure and energetic shapes of crystals will be translated into apparel pieces in this collection. Experimentation with fabric layers, opacity and transparency is done by draping pleated organza as three-dimensional structure. Imagine: a translation of crystal energy into layers of fabric fitted and floating around a human body-opaque and transparent, pleated and draped, printed and solid silhouettes in organza. This is my attempt to mimic the unique sculptural shape of crystals in its physical and its intangible energetic form. Geode is inspired by the mysterious allure of crystals, at once timeless and ever changing.